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Berthoud Consulting LLC, an organization development (OD) company, is a passionate partner for the success of individuals, organizations, and communities committed to social responsibility and justice.

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My Intentions

I intend to share ideas about organizational processes that support the effective functioning of justice seeking organizations.

I will share lessons about the life of organizations and provide tools that can support organizational performance.

Because I’m also committed to the issues that my clients work on, I’ll discuss current events, justice, and the larger implications of news stories or community events.

Part of that discussion will include publicizing the issues, campaigns, and thoughtful work of clients.

As a colleague to other OD consultants, I hope to spark conversations among those of us who do this work.

Our Services

With departments, organizations, or coalitions address strategies, structures, processes, people, and cultures that improve effectiveness.

Organization Development

With departments, organizations, or coalitions address strategies…

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Build the capacity of people who lead throughout organizations…

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Design and conduct group gatherings for maximum effectiveness.

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Adaptations of a technology late adopter, is published in the Spring 2021 Organization Development Review Special Issue—OD in Times of Disruption.

Weaving Learning with Performance for Transformation also available at Practising Social Change, the practitioner’s journal of The NTL Institute for Applied Behavioural Science.

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Playing the Long Game in a Short-Term World: Consequences and Strategies for Racial Justice Work

Latest publication Playing_the_Long_Game_in_a_Short-Term_World–Berthoud_excerpt.pdf{Excerpt pages 1-4] chapter in Enacting Values-Based Change: Organization Development in Action.

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OD is Diversity: Differences are at the Heart of the Field

Most of us work in organizations with great or desired diversity-whether race, gender identity, class, sexual orientation, age, religion, ethnicity, or other differences that matter to who we are and how we are treated. The article explores how consultants-and leaders, organizers, group members-can and must pay attention to the diversity dynamics in order to be fully effective.

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Learning to transfer OD online: Adaptations of a technology late adopter, is published in the Spring 2021 Organization Development Review Special Issue—OD in Times of Disruption.


Sabbatical lessons #1: Creating new eyes

“We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.”
T.S. Eliot

After nearly 30 years in practice, I planned a break. The COVID-19 pandemic canceled travel and in-person workshops and replaced them with Zoom classes and more checking in with friends and family. Still, the purpose of exploration remained. I devoted my time to writing, meditation, and fitness. Sometimes they overlapped, as when I hiked to a spot, meditated, and wrote. I had more time for the community.

Writing classes (online) provided structure to learn the craft of writing stories–a new area for me. One class became an ongoing writing group that supports members and our works in progress. I also finished two professional articles due soon–more when they are published. I completed a mindfulness teacher certification program (begun in 2019). I continued to study and practice solo, in groups, and in formal classes, including one on the dynamics of race. Walking and hiking served fitness and entertainment needs. Yoga provided structured and communal online learning with and about the body. I returned to biking until it got cold. 

I had time to be an election judge during early voting. With other curious people, I am exploring political dialogue beyond vitriol and hardened positions. I am grateful for friends and family that stay connected despite life’s demands, even across multiple time zones and continents.

The benefits have been numerous. Here are a few….

Our Testimonials

As a first time Executive Director, Heather’s coaching helped me see how I was worrying too much about what could go wrong…
C. Marie Henderson
Executive Director, Interfaith Works
Heather has been an invaluable resource for Bread for the World as we have wrestled with organizational change…
Rev. James L. McDonald
Vice President for Policy and Program
Heather and her team were professional, well organized, well informed, and sensitive to our organizational culture…
Bruce Hamilton
Deputy Executive Director Co-chair, Chapter-National Relations Task Force
You couldn’t find an organizational and diversity consultant and coach with more wisdom, integrity, and strength…
Vicky Foxworth
Director, Center for Leadership and Org Development

Client Spotlight

Women for Women International

Sierra Club


Advocates for Youth

Center for Community Change