Measures of Success

This is the scorecard we use, and invite our clients to use, to measure success. Whether for a short-term project such as a meeting facilitation or a longer-term engagement such as organizational design, inclusion, or leadership programs, we consider success when we can answer yes to the following questions.

  1. Were the short-term and long-term goals achieved?
    We rigorously identify desired outcomes so that together consultants and clients can steer to success.
  2. Is the solution sustainable?
    Solutions should be durable and comfortably maintained.
  3. Have people learned
    • How to address similar issues in the future? Can the client generalize the solution to future situations? (organizational capacity)
    • How to work together effectively to create solutions to other issues? (process knowledge and skill)
    • About their own strengths, needs, and capacity to contribute to solutions in the future? (individual capacity)
    • About the particulars that created the original challenge and ways to avoid it or ways to create new direction? (content knowledge)
  4. Is the organization more fully capable of living out its mission? (alignment)