2013 and 20 Years in Practice!

Posted by: heather

Hard to believe that 2013 is already well underway yet 2012 is fast receding from view. The election seems years away—though the historic Inauguration just happened—Super Storm Sandy waters have receded yet it lives on for too many people in New Jersey and New York, and a December massacre ignites a conversation—and action—on gun violence.

2012 in Review

In 2012, Berthoud Consulting again worked with fabulous clients. For example:

Heather continues to teach in the American University Masters of Science in Organization Development (AU MSOD) and delights in students’ appreciative comments. For example,

“…(T)hank you for taking time to provide such thoughtful feedback in my final paper. I found your comments very helpful, especially as we are already in the midst of another paper ….This course was a significant life event for me. …. Thank you for helping create a high-learning environment, and serving as a wonderful learning guide for me as I continue to grow as a person and professional.”

Personal adventure took me to Dubai in December to visit a dear friend and take in that city of cultural cross-currents, tolerance, and modernity!

2013 in view

2013 marks 20 years in practice. The time has flown by thanks to meaningful work with organizations seeking justice. In 2013 Berthoud Consulting will again partner with you to:

  • Navigate organizational change—whether the result of growth, contraction, merger or shift in direction, get and stay aligned and productive through transition.
  • Determine organizational direction—answer the knotty question(s) that will determine how you deploy your resources. For recent example, see Sierra Club.
  • Guide plan development —whether long-, medium-, or short-term, establish where you’re going and how all parts of the organization will contribute to success.
  • Support management and leadership development through work with intact teams.
  • Design and facilitate meetings—see Women for Women International
  • Individual coaching—see benefits for Interfaith Works Executive Director
  • Develop and run leadership development programs

Thanks to all who’ve been a part of the first 20 years of supporting social justice and change and to those who will collaborate with Berthoud Consulting in 2013 and beyond.