My Intentions

I intend to share ideas about organizational processes that support the effective functioning of justice seeking organizations. I am an OD consultant. I think about the ways organizations function and how to organize their parts-whether departments or programs or people-to best effect. I explore the ways that people engage with each other to achieve their purpose, or the ways they pretend to engage or only partially engage and thereby slow down the attainment of change missions. I share thoughts and lessons about the life of organizations and provide tools that can support organizational performance.

I’m also committed to the issues that my clients work on. I choose organization development because that’s where my skills are. I choose my clients because that’s where my passions are. I think about current events, justice, and the larger implications of news stories or community events. I share those thoughts with others in the hopes that they may have some impact.

In support of my clients and their issues I will publicize some campaigns, organizations, or work I learn about that others may find useful and interesting

As a colleague to other OD consultants, I hope to spark conversations among those of us who do this work.

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