Cultivate and Maintain Courage

Strategies for facing the challenging moments all leaders face. Distinguish fear from fantasy and build the skills of courage.


Organizational Change through Diffusion of Innovation

Leaders often expect change to take hold soon after it’s announced. Much of the frustration with change comes because it takes longer than leaders expect. We look at the implications of leading change when people are ready for change at different rates.


Learning Through the Body

Article-options for more effective facilitation, leadership, and teaching by focusing on the body in addition to the mind.


But is it Strategic Planning

Is the planning you’re considering strategic planning? This guide helps identify the key attributes of strategic planning.


Playing the Long Game in a Short-Term World: Consequences and Strategies for Racial Justice Work

Latest publication “Playing_the_Long_Game_in_a_Short-Term_World–Berthoud_excerpt.pdf {Excerpt pages 1-4] chapter in Enacting Values-Based Change: Organization Development in Action. Purchase here

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Planning for Those Too Busy to Plan

Article-a brief look at planning in the real world, “being too busy to plan is like running alongside your bicycle…”


OD is Diversity: Differences are at the Heart of the Field

Most of us work in organizations with great or desired diversity-whether race, gender identity, class, sexual orientation, age, religion, ethnicity, or other differences that matter to who we are and how we are treated. The article explores how consultants-and leaders, organizers, group members-can and must pay attention to the diversity dynamics in order to be fully effective.

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When is Strategic Planning Appropriate

A checklist for those considering whether to undertake strategic planning.


The Paradox of Diversity in Social Change Organizations

Many social change organizations demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusion by serving a range of constituencies; having diverse members, staff, and/or boards; and working in broad coalitions.
The importance of diversity may also be expressed in an organization’s mission, policy, and strategic and program plans. Social change advocates often speak eloquently and forcefully about historical trends and the legal enshrinement of bigotry, how those acts affect us today, and the cultural assumptions that drive social trends. Yet even with clearly positive intentions, patterns of bias and oppression may exist within social change organizations. In this essay, we offer our observations based on work with numerous organizations as both activists and consultants.

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Diversity Initiative in a Social Change Initiative

Co-authored with client, Jen Ray of NARAL Pro-Choice America, this academic article chronicles the early stages of an organizational diversity initiative.

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A Multi-Faceted Look at Diversity

Article-Introduction to the Diversity Diamond© model, which provides a simple, visual overview of our approach to organizational diversity, including multiple elements of a diversity initiative.


Diversity Diamond Summary

Two-page summary of the Diversity Diamond© model.


OD is Diversity

Article-effective Organization Development consulting requires attention to and competence in diversity and inclusion.