Facilitation: Workshops

Design and deliver one-day to one-week participatory learning experiences for groups from 10 to 200+ people.

The case

Pre-conference intensives, organizational in-service programs, focused and short-term development sessions are some of the many opportunities for intensive learning. When a skill needs to be honed or a new perspective shared, a workshop can serve the purpose. By maintaining a tight focus and clear intention, we make sure that workshops successfully achieve their goals. Whether the groups are small or large, learning happens best when people participate actively.

Berthoud Consulting approach in action

We bring many years of expertise in developing experiential sessions designed to engage the adult learner. To make sure your workshop is effective, we

  • Identify goals including expectations for participants and other stakeholders. Clarify what success will look like and what’s at stake for the sponsors.
  • Gather information from a sample of prospective participants to determine their knowledge of the material, their expectations, and preferences for learning.
  • Design the workshop including materials, exercises, technological support, and other logistics. Coordinate with other presenters as needed.
  • After conducting the workshop we evaluate its effectiveness with participants and sponsors. Together we determine the degree to which goals were met and the desired difference in individual behavior and organizational performance was achieved.


I had the wonderful opportunity of working with Heather through an intensive, three-day training the Gestalt International Study Center. Heather is very focused, and serious, but has the ability to bring a lot of clarity and excitement to what otherwise could be a very long, arduous process.  When I came back from this training, not only did I notice changes that I made in my own dealings with my Board, but my Board President remarked as well, and noted it on my evaluation.

I was so happy with Heather, and her positive influence, that I convinced my Conference Committee to hire her again, for our Leadership Institute.  This was a large audience, and I was thrilled and pleased at Heather’s ability to handle such a large crowd with the same level of enthusiasm, professionalism, and clarity that she had with the small group.

Debra A Riggs
Executive Director, NASWVA