Leadership Development: Individual Coaching

Discover and encourage focus, skill, and passion for existing and emerging leaders through individualized support and development.


The case

Leaders today move faster than ever. They must communicate a compelling vision and the path to realize it, build the relationships that will facilitate its achievement, and produce results by directing and inspiring the work of others. The opportunity for supported reflection is frequently seen as a luxury but is, in fact, a discipline and investment in effectiveness. Especially because leaders can be both isolated and immersed in their organizations, an outsider’s perspective can help reframe challenges and open up new avenues of inquiry. Leaders need a trusted counselor who can support, challenge, encourage, and just listen, so they can develop their own wisdom and effectiveness.

Berthoud Consulting approach in action

Years of experience in multiple fields of individual development including athletic, academic, and organizational provide Berthoud Consulting LLC with a unique blend of deep listening, respect for the individual, and results orientation. Together we,

  • Identify your goals and needs and those of the organization. Determine our measures of success.
  • Determine your strengths, talents, preferences. This stage will often entail feedback from others in a method and format we determine jointly. We may also administer inventories, such as learning style, if appropriate.
  • Establish and implement the schedule and method for coaching, including on-site observation and feedback, regular phone or face-to-face meetings.
  • Determine appropriate actions, new behaviors and approaches for the leader to adopt. Provide support through feedback, supported reflection, and assessment.
  • Determine the factors that contributed to success and the habits that the leader will continue.


When our organization needed help with figuring out how to prioritize and sequence our work, I called Heather. I called her again when I needed a trusted counselor to help me clarify my direction as a leader. When we needed to sort out our management structure, I called Heather. I have found her to be a clear thinker and deep listener. She got us to see ourselves more clearly and to make informed choices. Her patience and persistence allowed us to develop clear work plans, a more reasonable division of labor, and helped me lead with more confidence.

Mary Beth Maxwell
former Executive Director
American Rights at Work

As a first time Executive Director, Heather’s coaching helped me see how I was worrying too much about what could go wrong instead of working to make things right. Now I don’t let fear get in my way. When something happens I can focus and move forward, not panic. I learned that all of who I am comes with me to work so I have to figure out how to use my unique personal make-up to move the organization forward. Finding my power from within has allowed me to be more vulnerable and, as a result, more effective.

C. Marie Henderson
Executive Director
Interfaith Works

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