Organization Development:

With departments, organizations, or coalitions address strategies, structures, processes, people, and cultures that improve effectiveness.

  • Organizational change-resolve organization-wide challenges with focused and comprehensive strategies that tap reservoirs of energy and release potential.
  • Diversity & inclusion-build individual, group, and organizational capacity to incorporate difference, promote justice, and increase effectiveness with staff, members, customers, and other constituents.
  • Organizational design-Align organizational structure, roles, policies, and management systems in service to overall vision and strategy.
  • Planning-Guide the efficient development of long-term strategic and shorter-term operational plans.


Leadership Development:

Build the capacity of people who lead throughout organizations and communities.

  • Leadership team development-Clarify goals, roles, and working relationships for intact teams through group coaching, workshops, and guided project work.
  • Individual coaching-Discover and encourage focus, skill, and passion for existing and emerging leaders through individualized support and development.



Design and conduct group gatherings for maximum effectiveness.

  • Meetings-Design and facilitate meetings for effective deliberation and decision-making.
  • Workshops-Design and deliver one-day to one-week participatory learning experiences for groups from 10 to 200+ people.
  • Retreats-Design and facilitate off-site sessions for group renewal, connection, creativity, and learning.

Client Spotlight

  • In spring of 2005, issues of race and diversity were becoming evident at Miriam's House (MH), a Washington, DC, "caring residential community for homeless women living with HIV disease that empowers recovery from homelessness, disease, and addictions in an environment of compassion, integrity, and accountability." Fifteen staff, including several interns, provide direct care, counseling, social services. ...

Client Testimonial

  • Center for Leadership and Org Development

    You couldn't find an organizational and diversity consultant and coach with more wisdom, integrity, and strength than Heather Berthoud.  Heather is honest in a caring, compassionate and thoughtful way.  She is not afraid to get groups to reflect and push themselves to a place of true growth.   The Center for Leadership and Organizational Development has hired Heather on several occasions and we and our audiences (ranging from fellow consultants and academics to political and non-profit leaders) have been extremely impressed with her skill, her precision of thought and use of language, and her authenticity.  Heather brings her deep wisdom from years of experience and a dedicated commitment to self-growth.  Her diversity work and her coaching are transformative for organizations and individuals.  I would bring Heather back to do diversity workshops, organizational and team development work, and individual coaching in a heartbeat.  She gives her all to understanding her client systems and to meeting her audience members at the place from which they start and bringing them to the place to which they can go.

    Vicky Foxworth, Director
    Center for Leadership and Organizational Development
    University of Maryland