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People hate meetings because they want to get things done. When there are competing interests, strongly held opinions, and the solution is not obvious, meetings can be frustrating. By being clear about the purpose of the meeting, the intended outcomes, the decision-making authority of the participants and the decision-making processes, meetings can become an efficient way to share information, deepen understanding, generate ideas, and make decisions.


We work with you to:

  • Identify the purpose and expected results
  • Clarify who needs to participate to accomplish the goals
  • Develop the appropriate preparation materials and procedures
  • Develop the agenda and the methods for engaging participants
  • Facilitate the meeting
  • Develop timely summary materials. Conduct review of the meeting’s success factors.


Efficient and thorough airing of diverse perspectives allows meeting participants to creatively identify solutions and recommendations. They develop clear and focused plans for action. Decisions are broadly understood and are seen as legitimate because participants were clear about the decision-making process and its underlying rationale.

Quotes from meeting participants’ evaluation comments to determine coalition structure:

  • “We’ve been intentional and made meaning.”
  • “This has been an open forum, allowing people to ask question that needed to be asked even if some knew the answers.”
  • “This time, the difficult stuff has not derailed the group from coalescing.”
  • “We didn’t stick questions in the back of a drawer and not address them.”
  • “We’re going to get clear on what we’ve agreed to. No mixed messages, no uncertainty.”
  • “Excellent facilitation has kept us moving to where we need to be.”