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Back to School

Actually, it’s after Labor Day, which always meant back to school for me. Although it’s been a while since I was in school, my internal rhythm is still set by that calendar. So, it’s a time of new supplies including blank notebooks and sharpened pencils, new teachers, subjects, and schedules. And let’s not forget, new school clothes.

More than the external trappings of the new school year, this time is an opportunity to gather up the energy renewed over the summer break and get back to business. Of course, for most of us, summers are not the lazy affairs they might once have been but I still find myself looking over the fall with a sense of anticipation and purpose. I wonder

  • What will I learn?
  • How will I grow?
  • What projects will I undertake?
  • What friendships will I renew or create?
  • How will I use this next period to move along or change the path I’ve set for myself?

It turns out that the waning days of summer are still a good time to get ready for what’s next. I hope you had a great summer and are energized for the work you have ahead.

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