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Ode to Doubt

Recently, while avoiding a writing project, I realized doubt was ruling me. You might relate. You have reasons why the daunting presentation, promotion, innovative project, or approach won’t work. The doubting mind seems so reasonable. So, I wrote this letter … Read More

How Do I Come Across?

A white colleague is enrolled in a racism awareness course. His program features conversation with other white people about their experience of race and racism. He is frustrated that he is not learning about his whiteness from people of color. … Read More

Leadership and Accountability

Who holds the top accountable? As a leader, whether of a unit or an organization, it’s easy to get trapped by the illusions of the office. Check the news for accounts of people who used their offices unethically. The leader’s … Read More

What are you for?

People respond to a positive proposition with energy that’s optimistic and sustainable. That is, people will strive for something compelling even, or especially, if it’s challenging. On the other hand, identifying something wrong or objectionable and fighting against what is, … Read More

Yoga and karate: Recognizing the present

I used to study martial arts. I loved it. It was the ballast to my activist life. It was where I discovered my athletic self. Then, after about 18 years, I fell while hiking and hurt my back. There went … Read More

Nature Lover

Ah! There is nothing like the feeling after exertion in nature. The day was cool, crisp even, but warm when the sun was out and I was getting myself uphill. I am thankful for all the people over the years … Read More

Back to School

Actually, it’s after Labor Day, which always meant back to school for me. Although it’s been a while since I was in school, my internal rhythm is still set by that calendar. So, it’s a time of new supplies including … Read More