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Cultivate and Maintain Courage

Resources Cultivate and Maintain Courage Strategies for facing the challenging moments all leaders face. Distinguish fear from fantasy and build the skills of courage. Download PDF Back to Resources Contact Us

Learning Through the Body

Resources Learning Through the Body “Often the body knows before the mind has words, which suggests additional possible interventions and learning modalities that incorporates the physical realm more fully in OD.” This article presents and discusses options for more effective … Read More

Weaving Learning with Performance for Transformation

Resources Weaving Learning with Performance for Transformation Explore the effects of focusing primarily on learning or performance for building individual and organizational capacity to respond to rapid change. After discussing how learning and performance serve each other, review consulting options … Read More

If We Had Only Known

Resources If We had Only Known: Experiences from “Use of Self” Educators In this exploration, co-authors Heather Berthoud and John Bennett review their experience as teachers and facilitators of a course for leaders and consulting practitioners on “Use of Self.” … Read More

Use of Self

Resources Use of Self: What it Is. Why it Matters. Why You Need More of It. For leaders and practitioners who are curious about self-development, its importance, how to build practices that support effective use of self so we can … Read More