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Ode to Doubt

Recently, while avoiding a writing project, I realized doubt was ruling me. You might relate. You have reasons why the daunting presentation, promotion, innovative project, or approach won’t work. The doubting mind seems so reasonable. So, I wrote this letter … Read More

We’re in This Together

This year I extended my annual sampling of Martin Luther King, Jr. speeches and writing to his birthday week. I am taken this year by the “interrelated structure of reality.” As King says, All life in interrelated. We are caught … Read More

How Do I Come Across?

A white colleague is enrolled in a racism awareness course. His program features conversation with other white people about their experience of race and racism. He is frustrated that he is not learning about his whiteness from people of color. … Read More

Sabbatical Lessons 2: From Rush to Reset

Spring 2021 is in full force. Redbud, dogwoods, and azaleas vie for attention. I return to a world that is the same and so different from when I began my sabbatical seven months ago. Then my FOMO (fear of missing … Read More

Sabbatical Lessons 1: Creating New Eyes

“We shall not cease from explorationAnd the end of all our exploringWill be to arrive where we startedAnd know the place for the first time.”T.S. Eliot After nearly 30 years in practice, I planned a break. The COVID-19 pandemic canceled … Read More

Sabbatical Dispatches: 2021!

Impatience, relief, almost glee greet the turn of the calendar. Glad 2020 is over! Whew! Quick, get it behind us. It was a rough year—for the world. Yet the understandable impulse to get “back to normal” denies that the emerging normal … Read More

Sabbatical Dispatches: Post-Election Thoughts

The neighbors celebrate with pot banging and dancing in the streets. I join for a time, to be neighborly and because I share in the collective relief, the lifting of an incalculable weight on the spirit. We have earned a … Read More