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“What structure should we create?” is just the first in a series of related questions when considering organization design. Organizations are systems. Move any single part and all other parts will shift. Design, therefore, incorporates structure and other aspects of the organization, such as, policies, roles, rewards, management, culture and overall coordination. In organizations as in architecture, form follows function so clarity of vision, values, and strategy are the foundations upon which the design is built.


Using a participatory action research approach designed to inform and engage organization members while also building the most appropriate and acceptable design, Berthoud Consultants LLC works with clients to:

  • Articulate the shifting context or other imperatives that drive toward change.
  • Bring together a guiding team representative of key stakeholders — decision makers, managers, variety of departments, and so on.
  • Articulate the organization’s vision and strategy. Map the elements of the organization’s success. Identify the change implications for competencies, culture, communication, measures, and rewards.
  • Provide opportunities for affected players to contribute to the discussion.
  • Develop options for arranging the organization’s functions. Review roles, responsibilities, reporting relationships and more. Test against the design parameters.
  • Develop implementation plan including feedback and trouble shooting. Map people to positions. Test the new system.
  • Evaluate emerging results and adapt as needed. Document the process for future use by the organization.


Organizational restructuring can often leave staff wondering what happened and why. With the thorough approach to design, we help ensure that design supports the articulated vision and strategy and that staff understand what is needed, why,  and how they can contribute. By the time the organizational design is implemented, there are no surprises. People are ready and able to fulfill their responsibilities.