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Organizational change

Why Change Takes Time

In an organization explicitly shifting to a more appreciative and collaborative culture, a meeting participant positively interpreted challenging events. Let’s look at the upside and From an appreciative perspective were met with joshing incredulity from colleagues. Wait, you’re being positive? … Read More

Slow Murder

As the country (and countries) take up the call against police and extrajudicial violence in the latest examples—Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Christian Cooper—I have been thinking that it is almost too easy to be shocked and appalled by … Read More


While we’re at it, why don’t we also…? Before I leave for the next meeting, let me do just one more thing. I’ll skip the gym/art class/music performance/time with family and friends because I need to get these next three … Read More

The Neighborhood in the Office

I moved into a new neighborhood. I thought I was moving into a new house. As with most changes, this one was fraught with anticipation, concern, comparisons to what I left behind and the ideal that no actual house will … Read More

Thinking of Martin Luther King: Create True Community

The second in a series of musings about what Dr. King has to say to us in this moment–Create True Community. Those of us working for social justice have sought to ensure the political table includes those parts of our … Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day Do you, like so many people and organizations, wait for things to be good—however you define it—before you’ll share love in the form of appreciation, kudos, encouragement, generosity, a smile, or even your time? Do you believe … Read More

Election Reflections and Organizational Change

It’s been a couple of weeks since President Obama won reelection. As the country reflects on the meaning of the election and again projects its hopes and fears onto the President, I see the presidential election and the tone of … Read More