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We’re in This Together

This year I extended my annual sampling of Martin Luther King, Jr. speeches and writing to his birthday week. I am taken this year by the “interrelated structure of reality.” As King says, All life in interrelated. We are caught … Read More

Focus and Balance in 2018

Well, that was a year! The assault on political institutions and norms, the additional suffering heaped needlessly on the already vulnerable, self-serving and self-dealing in the halls of power, are individually and collectively breathtaking. From agencies run by avowed antagonists … Read More

Addressing Structural Racism—In the Moment

In a group addressing structural racism in organizational operations and programmatic work, we are reviewing proposals for action. A person of color notes some language used in otherwise sound ideas could unintentionally reinforce the separation the proposal seeks to address. … Read More

Thinking of Martin Luther King: Take Wise Action

How shall I be a citizen? What will I do to participate in the democracy I believe in? Friends, colleagues, and clients are grieving. The things we work for—living wages, decent working conditions, respect for and inclusion of the differences … Read More

Thinking of Martin Luther King: Create True Community

The second in a series of musings about what Dr. King has to say to us in this moment–Create True Community. Those of us working for social justice have sought to ensure the political table includes those parts of our … Read More

Thinking of Martin Luther King: Deal with Reality

The inauguration of a minority president coincided with remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., so I seek inspiration from the great spiritual warrior. Our times are at least as perilous as he describes in the preface to his 1963 Strength … Read More

Seriously, Have Fun in 2015

The calendar tells us it is 2015. Another year of striving for and realizing freedom, justice, love, sustenance, and general well being. I am fortunate to support individuals and organizations be life affirming in their ends and means. My big … Read More