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Sabbatical Dispatches: 2021!

Impatience, relief, almost glee greet the turn of the calendar. Glad 2020 is over! Whew! Quick, get it behind us. It was a rough year—for the world. Yet the understandable impulse to get “back to normal” denies that the emerging normal … Read More

Sabbatical Dispatches: Post-Election Thoughts

The neighbors celebrate with pot banging and dancing in the streets. I join for a time, to be neighborly and because I share in the collective relief, the lifting of an incalculable weight on the spirit. We have earned a … Read More

Bion Meets Obama

Why the great disappointment with President Obama and his administration’s accomplishments? There are many explanations—he’s been too timid, too bold, unfocused, focused on the wrong things, too conciliatory, too left, too right, on and on. What’s missing from the critique … Read More