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Diversity Equity & Inclusion / Racial Justice

Thinking of Martin Luther King: Create True Community

The second in a series of musings about what Dr. King has to say to us in this moment–Create True Community. Those of us working for social justice have sought to ensure the political table includes those parts of our … Read More

Thinking of Martin Luther King: Deal with Reality

The inauguration of a minority president coincided with remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., so I seek inspiration from the great spiritual warrior. Our times are at least as perilous as he describes in the preface to his 1963 Strength … Read More

Election Reflections and Organizational Change

It’s been a couple of weeks since President Obama won reelection. As the country reflects on the meaning of the election and again projects its hopes and fears onto the President, I see the presidential election and the tone of … Read More

Summer Reading, 2011

This summer has so far been chock full of great fiction and nonfiction, about crossing and/or understanding cultures. Here are some fun, provocative, informative, and inspiring books. Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok (2010, Riverhead Books) tells the fictional but real … Read More

Reader’s Review–Fall 2010

I recently read several books that you might find interesting: A Nation of Strangers: Prejudice, Politics and the Populating of America by Ellis Cose. Though written in 1992, Cose provides a thorough review of immigration debates and policies from the … Read More

Segregation on a Bus

At an airport, on the way to a conference, I ran into a friend and her companion. My friend offered me a ride in her rental car. We three black women boarded the shuttle bus, put away our luggage and … Read More

Book Review: Why David Sometimes Wins

Thanks to Marshall Ganz for writing Why David Sometimes Wins: Leadership, Organization, and Strategy in the California Farm Worker Movement (2009, Oxford University Press). He documents the emergence and success of the Farm Worker Movement in the 20th century. This … Read More